Receive the error "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The Operation Failed"

using outlook 2013, using my own work pop3 account

I wanted to try to create a group calendar, followed some isntrucitons and it had me add my account that is a microsoft exchange account which is the email address I received when I signed up for office365, so I added that as an account

I had no idea outlook would close and reload under a new profile!  all of my pop3 emails were GONE

in a panic I deleted the exchange account that I was assigned when I opened my office365 account

now I can't open outlook2013 at all, I cant figure out how to chagne back to my pop3 profile, nothing.  my pst file is still in the local folder and its there, but how can I recover my outlook2013 the way it was before it decided to use my exchange email
address as my main profile (I dont use my exchange email address for anything, it was assigned to me because our domain on my pop3 is NOT transferred over to microsoft, it is still hosted by a 3rd party)